At BJE Impact: The Center for Jewish Service Learning, we want to help you engage in service that will be meaningful for you, and makes an impact on the world. Read on for all the ways we provide to help you find a meaningful service project or volunteer opportunity.


How can YOU take action and make a difference?      

Explore our map of volunteer opportunities in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Check the categories that interest you, and related opportunities will begin to show up as markers on the map. You can then click on a marker to read more about the organization, its volunteer opportunities, and find their contact information. Read more about the best way to contact an organization, and how to prepare for volunteering with them.

Check out the Volunteer CalendarOrganizations often have large events to benefit their cause where they need large amounts of volunteers. This is an easy and great way to make an impact! And,  please be sure to explore the Learn & Educate section before you volunteer to help deepen your understanding of the cause.

Find Inspiration. Read posts tagged “My Impact” to see what other teens are doing and get inspiration for how you can make an impact!

Create. Didn’t find an organization to work with, but you have a creative idea for a problem you want to solve, and how you can help solve it? Decide if you want do so by raising awareness, raising funds or donations, or working directly with the people you hope to help. Come up with an action plan. Want to brainstorm? Contact us!

Finally, no matter which route you take, be sure to REFLECT. Document what you are doing. Take pictures, jot down a sentence or two each time you work on your service project about how you felt about it, what you learned, what you feel you accomplished. Share these thoughts with others. Submit a post to our “My Impact” blog. Celebrate the work you’ve done!

And, check out BJE Teen Service Corps Summer Day Camp for week-long programs for teens who want to make an impact with their summer!

Still need some help or ideas to help you learn, act, or reflect?
Feel free to contact Alisha Pedowitz, Program Leader of BJE Impact