The mission of Los Angeles Audubon is to promote the enjoyment and protection of birds and other wildlife through recreation, education, conservation and restoration.

Volunteer Opportunity

Los Angeles Audubon is seeking volunteers to assist with ongoing habitat restoration located at two of the last great open spaces surrounded by urban LA. The restoration work is scheduled monthly with support from community volunteers, students and local business and alumni groups. Work includes the planting of native Coastal Sage Scrub, which has been reduced to only a fraction of its original distribution, largely due to urbanization. The Baldwin Hills area represents one of the largest remaining open spaces in the Los Angeles Basin, the largest intact portion of Coastal Sage Scrub in the Los Angeles Basin, and the only remaining natural habitat in the middle portion of the Ballona Creek Watershed. Habitat restoration in the uplands of Baldwin Hills will have a positive affect on species here and at the watershed level. The scrublands habitat at Baldwin Hills is vital to several rare and threatened species including the California Gnatcatcher. As the coastal sage scrub habitat is restored, we hope to see the return of the Cactus Wren, once a resident here, but not seen in decades.