Preparing for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah? We are here to help you plan a social action project that allows you to act meaningfully on the Jewish values that are most important to you. We’ve laid out the following  steps to help you create and implement a meaningful project. And, be sure to search the organizations on our Volunteer Map that have identified themselves as having Mitzvah Project opportunities!

(Parents: Please check out our tips for being a guide for a meaningful Mitzvah Project!)


Discover Your Inspiration
Ask Yourself:
What do I hope to get out of this project?
Is there something specific that I hope to accomplish? (i.e., do I want do something that helps my local community? Meet new people? Try something new?)
Are there any topics or issues that I’m really passionate about, or that I’d like to learn more about?
Are there organizations, particular people, or causes that match up with some of the answers you gave to the above? What do you already know about these causes? What questions do you have?
Explore our volunteer map to find organizations that match the issues or causes you identify.
Learn as much as you can about the issue, so that you understand what it’s all about (on each volunteer listing on our map, we suggest some related “Learning & Education Resources”).


Find an organization that matches your interests? Call. Tell them about your goals. Ask if they might have a way for you to volunteer with them, or work on a specific project with them, that would help you achieve those goals. Ask them what they need. Find out if there is something that you can help with, and if it would be a good match for you.
Didn’t find an organization to work with, but you have a creative idea for a problem you want to solve, and how you can help solve it? Decide if you want do so by raising awareness, raising funds or donations, or working directly with the people you hope to help. Come up with an action plan.
Need help brainstorming? Please contact Alisha Pedowitz, or fill out our contact form.


Document what you are doing. Take pictures, jot down a sentence or two each time you work on your service project about how you felt about it, what you learned, what you feel you accomplished. Share these thoughts with others. Submit a “My Impact” reflection blog to inspire others. Celebrate the work you’ve done, and figure out if it’s something you want to continue!