jer clothing drive

8th grade Confirmation students at Temple Etz Chaim, planned and held a Winter Clothing Drive for residents of Casa Pacifica.  We collected over 250 clothing items for babies through adults.  Some of the thoughts that were shared by the 8th graders involved included:

“During the Winter Clothing Drive, our temple community managed to collect mounds of clothes!  When the Confirmation kids were sorting through them, we were smiling and exclaiming over the difference we would make in the Casa Pacifica kids’ lives just by donating clothes and making flyers.  We were all very happy to take part in this experience.”  Kayla (8th grade student)

“The Winter Clothing Drive was very meaningful and important to me.  It showed how much the community can get involved in something and how anything will help.  It meant very much to me that others want to help other people’s lives.  I felt like this was a very big mitzvah.”  Emily (8th grade student)

“This experience made me feel good because I was giving back to the community.  It made me reexamine my own life and now I feel more thankful for what I have.  It inspired me to be more thankful for my life and my belongings.  I now better understand the importance of generosity and kindness to others.”  Sammy (8th grade student)