On Thursday, July 31, 2014, the BJE Teen Service Corps met with representatives of Make-A-Wish of Greater LA to learn about their Kids for Wish Kids campaign. It was an afternoon that moved many of our campers want to make an impact by becoming involved with the campaign, and many of the campers wrote reflections on this experience:

“All of the places [we volunteered with] were fun, but the one that really inspired me was the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I really enjoyed hearing about how the kids who were very sick got to make a wish that they wished for and those wishes came true. I really think that the wishes really do save these kids. This is an amazing organization. I decided that for my Bay Mitzvah project I am going to do Make-A-Wish. I am so excited to do that since my Bat Mitzvah is in a year.”  —Sara F., BJE Teen Service Corps camper, age 12

“This organization inspired me. It made me realize that other kids are really struggling. It made me realize that I can help in so many ways. It is an amazing program, it helps kids struggle less and forget what they are going through. It helps these kids live their lives and enjoy it. This inspiration gave me an idea to start a club at school, so I can share this amazing creation with my community.” —Shira R., BJE Teen Service Corps camper, age 14

“The organization Make-A-Wish really touched the most out of all the organizations we were involved with this week. Obviously it is very important to donate time to organiztions which help out the future, considering that we will soon be living the future. But, to me, the organizations that have a direct impact to the cause right now touch me in a different way. You can see the results occur right before your eyes. In this case, you can see these kids’ happiness as their wish is granted, despite their illness’ dominance in their life. The future is important, but this organization focuses on what’s happening right now. Living in the present and solving the problems that we have now can only open up a road to possibilities of solution. I loved seeing these kids’ eyes light up when they have their wishes granted. It really opened up my eyes with realization that anyone can make a different in someone’s life. And not just in the future: right now.”Gillian G., BJE Teen Service Corps Counselor-In-Training, age 15