“I will make it happen!” vs. “What difference will it make?”

Here at BJE Impact, we believe that each person has the power to make a difference–through raising your voice for what you believe in, taking action, volunteering for a cause about which you are passionate, choosing to act each day in a way that represents what you value.  This is why we have our map of volunteer opportunities with service organizations around Greater Los Angeles that you can search by issue or area of interest, learning resources to help contextualize and understand each issue in order to take meaningful action, and reflection ideas and blog posts by others to help inspire thoughtful action.

We are thrilled to have been gifted a PSA created through a collaboration of teens and Holocaust survivors as part of the Righteous Conversations Project that speaks to the Power of Apathy, and, conversely, the power of ACTION. We hope you will watch it and feel inspired to say to yourself, “I WILL make it happen!” instead of “What difference will it make?”

Learn. Act. Reflect. IMPACT.

Alisha Pedowitz
Program Leader, BJE Impact