Milken YOZMA Israel

Through the YOZMA program at our school, Milken Community High School, we have been given the opportunity to support causes that we are passionate about. As the “Israel group,” we work together as a collaborative team to brainstorm ideas to that will help Israel. This year, we have sold ice cream, Oreos, and milkshakes to support an organization called Thank Israeli Soldiers, whose mission is to show gratitude to the soldiers who are on the front lines protecting Israel and freedom everywhere. In addition to this, we have also had peers at our school write letters to Israeli soldiers to show their appreciation. We have also educated our community on the causes we support through articles, facts, and posters. Lastly, we have helped prepare a town meeting to educate our school on YOZMA, and all that we do. Now, near the close of this year, we feel inspired, motivated, and educated. Seeing how much we accomplished this year has made us feel empowered-we want to do more. Now, we want to focus on broadening the causes we support, and we want to come up with innovative ideas to not only fundraise for Israel, but to educate our community.

–YOZMA Israel Group