Shalhevet Seniors at FOOD Share

Shalhevet Seniors at FOOD Share

This year at Shalhevet High School we decided to bring a service learning opportunity to our students on their Senior Retreat. The first day of the retreat is all about fun for them and the second day of the trip is about giving back to the community in a fun way. We visited FOOD Share in Oxnard on our way back from our Carpinteria State Beach camping trip.

Meg and Christina were our tour guides and they were incredibly easy to work with and they were so grateful for our visit. The students went on a tour of the facilities to really get a sense of the magnitude of the operation and then went on to help with the sorting of packaged goods. It was a really important trip for the students and it was a lot of fun. The FOOD Share volunteers really allowed the students to take responsibility of sorting and packaging goods-it was a really amazing sight to see. I loved every moment of it.

–Ruthie Skaist, Chesed Coordinator, Shalhevet


Growing up I was always encouraged to donate food to those less fortunate. I never realized the effort put in by the middlemen between the donators and the receivers until I visited Foodshare on my senior class retreat. On the tour I realized how much effort is put in by foodshare and food pantries to feed the hungry. It was a really great feeling to have the opportunity to donate my time by packing food rather than just donating it.

–Liat Bainvoll, Shalhevet Class of 2014


Food Share was a great way to spend the chessed portion of my senior retreat. I really liked being an active volunteer. Most of the time, volunteers aren’t given much responsibilities, but at Food Share I had a big one. I was sorting food and making sure it was safe for its recipients. Afterwards, I felt like I really did make a difference.

The staff very welcoming. They oversaw the tasks, making sure they were available to answer any procedural questions, which was great, because I never felt at a loss. It was also nice to receive a tour and a brief regarding the organization. It was very informative. It allowed me to understand the scope of the issue that the program targets and the significance/ importance of my work.

–Liat Menna, Shalhevet Class of 2014