A camper from BJE Teen Service Corps @VBS 2013 reflect on what she learned & felt from a day's service project

A camper from BJE Teen Service Corps @VBS 2013 reflects on what she learned & felt from the day’s service project: “Today I learned that even though many people don’t know where they are going next, or don’t know when they will eat again, they still just as human as we are, and they should be treated that way too. Today I felt really good about what I was doing. It felt good to make people smile.”

A simple reflection activity after a service project: hand out slips of paper that say, “Today I learned…” and “Today I felt…” Instruct participants to respond to both prompts anonymously (no names), then fold and turn in their slips. Redistribute the slips of paper, and have each participant read someone else’s responses.  Ask them to snap if they agree with a given statement. This is a great way to prompt discussion, and allow the facilitator to flesh out ideas, feelings, etc that came up from the service project, or clarify learning points.

What is your favorite reflection activity?