Elder Care and Judaism Quotes

By: BJE Impact

Rabbi Simeon bar Yohai said, “…the most difficult of all mitzvot is ‘Honor your father and your mother…’” – Tanhuma Ekev 2

“An old woman in a house is a treasure in the house.” Babylonian Talmud, Arachin 19a

“Before an old person you shall rise.” – Leviticus 19:32

“In many places we see that the Holy One, blessed be He, showed respect to the elders.” – Genesis Rabbah 5:12

“Gauge a country’s prosperity by its treatment of the aged.” – Rabbi Nachman of Breslav

“Whoever greets the old… it is as if he greets the Divine Presence.” – Midrash Tanchuma, Ki Tisa 27

“Remember the days long gone by. Ponder the years of each generation. Ask your father and let him tell you, and your grandfather, who will explain it.” – Deuteronomy 32:7

“Abandon me not when I grow old.” – Proverbs 71:9

“You shall honor the old.” – Leviticus 19:32

“He who learns from the old, to what can he be compared? To one who eats ripe grapes and drinks aged wine.” – Pirkei Avot 4:20

“With age comes wisdom, and length of days brings understanding.” – Job 12:12