Reflection helps you make meaning out of the impact you have made on others, and examine the impact it has made on you. We have a bunch of ideas for activities that help you reflect:

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Writing Exercises

1. Journals
2. Conversation Journals- writing either fiction or non-fiction dialogue
3. Prose Poems
4. Haikus
5. Found Poetry- using words from a book or journal entry to create a poem
6. Acrostic Poem- anagram (write your name vertically down the paper and fill in an adjective that describes how you felt on your service experience with each
corresponding letter of your name)
7. Telephone Poem- Numbers in their telephone number determine how many words each of the seven lines of poetry will have
8. Sense Poem- how the experience related to each of the five senses
9. Biographical Poem
10. A Persuasive essay
11. Write an editorial piece for your local or school newspaper
12. Write a letter to the editor for your local or national newspaper
13. Write a play or short screenplay script
14. Create a blog dealing with your thoughts on the social issue

Art and Music

15. Photo display
16. Paint a picture
17. Sketch scenes from your experience
18. Create a brochure for the organization or project
19. Make a video- either documentary, artistic, or fiction
20. Create a mural
21. Sew a quilt (or pillow cases, sweaters, etc.)
22. Write/Produce a song with words
23. Write/Produce an instrumental song
24. Put together a mix-tape with inspirational songs
25. Choreograph a dance
26. Create a slide-show
27. Make a sculpture
28. Make t-shirts
29. Side walk art
30. Make a shadow box scene
31. Draw and then create a puzzle
32. Make a collage from cutting out from magazines


33. Have a group discussion
34. Talk with a parent or close relative
35. Give a D’var Torah on a specific week’s Torah Portion
36. Casually talk with some friends
37. Conduct an interview with a figure of importance/relevance to the issue
38. Gather appropriate articles from your newspaper or other media sources and put together a scrap book on the issue
39. Set up a meeting with a local politician
40. Make flyers to hand out on the streets urging citizens to act
41. Bring the issue into Torah study with a Chevruta
42. Meditate or pray


(Remember; Demonstrative actions such as the ones listed below are not reflective by nature. However, with proper instruct
ion and execution these should often include reflection.)
43. Make or give out tzedakah boxes for you, your friends, family and/or school raising money and awareness for the cause your have been working with
44. Write a letter to a person in political office urging action to help the specific social issue that you have encountered
45. Write a letter to a business/person asking for donations to support help for a specific social issue
46. Ask your Rabbi to bring the issue up in your synagogue
47. Arrange a public demonstration
48. Plan a community wide event
49. Encourage those around you to volunteer some more!
50. Volunteer some more!